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We are currently requesting staff to share a quick video clip showcasing your personality and brief experience in event marketing. Get ahead now! Don’t have experience?  No problem! It’s okay to say that you’re new, and share a brief detail of what you enjoy doing in your free time or events you’re interested in working. The best part, you can update your video as much as you want as your experience grows. Our clients want the best of the best, and the industry is competitive! 

"Hi! I'm Aaliyah

with Assist Marketing.

It's 2024 and I have

5 years of experiential experience. I specialize

in samplings, emcee work, and conventions, and I enjoy auto shows. I love sports

and engaging with consumers any chance I

get. I look forward to working with your

team soon"


+ State your first name only, for privacy reasons

+ State that you are with Assist Marketing

+ State the current year and how many years of event experience you have

+ State what your event specialties/skills are (Brand Ambassador, Product Specialist, Emcee, Tour Manager) and/or types of events you've worked

+ If you don't have experience, state what you enjoy doing in your free time or the types of events you enjoy attending

+ Clip must be 30 seconds or less and can be taken from your smartphone

This is your chance to introduce and showcase yourself in 30 seconds or less as our clients get a first-hand look of who is representing their brand.


Upload your clip to the Video tab in your Assist Marketing StaffConnect profile. Remember to smile, have fun, and share your personality! We look forward to seeing you shine.

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