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Assist Marketing has been a brand extension for the world’s leading auto manufacturers for nearly a decade. From standard brand ambassador work to product specialists to right-seat drivers, Assist Marketing understands the nuances of experiential marketing for the automotive industry. While some clients need talent to oversee statics display, others require trained product specialists to highlight vehicle features. In other cases, experienced right-seat drivers who have conducted thousands of ride-and-drives are necessary to bring an event to life. Whether it is at an auto show, the Super Bowl or a private event, Assist Marketing understands that vehicle purchases are driven by experiences, insight and knowledge. Being able to accurately communicate the brand attributes and key differentiators when it comes to a line of vehicles or a product launch is imperative for a marketing campaign.

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We can help with all your experiential marketing needs around the country. From brand ambassadors and event staffing to promotional models and trade show staffing, you can be sure to count on us.

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Looking to be a promotional model and want to work for us? Register today.

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