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Mobile marketing tours require a lot of planning and preparing for the expected – and the unexpected. Assist Marketing has a strong team of road warriors who have played various roles for tours, including: tour managers and coordinators, CDL drivers, emcees and local brand ambassadors. Assist understands the importance of consistency from stop-to-stop, ensuring that the cadence and choreography is continuous across the country. Assist also knows that being agile and resourceful is imperative to tackle imminent challenges and road bumps along the way. Whether it’s a stop at the State Fair, a major sporting event or a retail store, Assist Marketing is in tune with the logistics and staff needed to duplicate the consumer experience and create a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Want to work WITH Assist Marketing?

We can help with all your experiential marketing needs around the country. From brand ambassadors and event staffing to promotional models and trade show staffing, you can be sure to count on us.

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Looking to be a promotional model and want to work for us? Register today.

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