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More than 7,500 Events 
Staffed in 2019

automotive event staffing


Assist Marketing has been a brand extension for the world’s leading auto manufacturers for nearly a decade. From standard brand ambassador work to product specialists to right-seat drivers, Assist Marketing understands the nuances of experiential marketing for the automotive industry.


As eSports has catapulted itself into mainstream pop culture, Assist Marketing has been part of the evolution of the gaming category. Assist Marketing has represented leading brands at the country’s most highly-attended eSport expos, such as E3, global gaming competitions, including E League, as well as proprietary endemic events for companies such as PlayStation and Sony.

playstation event staffing
lifestyle event staffing


Experiential marketing is most effective when you engage with people who are attending events where there is a collective passion. Food, wine, art and fashion are just a few of the lifestyle marketing campaigns Assist has helped bring to life for a plethora of companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.


Like brands and agencies, Assist Marketing understands that music is a perfect opportunity for marketers to tap into consumers’ passion points. Assist team members have represented major brands at some of the country’s most high-profile, multi-day music events and tours (e.g. Coachella, Bonnaroo and Made in America).

music event staffing
retail event staffing


Mainstream brands understand that retail is no longer just a transaction, it is an experience. Assist Marketing provides dependable and knowledgeable field staff to guide consumers on individual retail journeys.


For the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry, placing product in the hands of consumers is one of the most critical – and effective – aspects of building a brand. Assist Marketing spends significant time training team members on appropriate sampling processes and policies, especially when it comes to food.

sampling models
sports event staffing


Assist Marketing field staff are experts at capitalizing on the opportunity to interact with fans at sporting events. Whether it is college or professional sports, Assist understands that clients have usually paid a hefty sponsorship fee to partner with teams and leagues – and thus, Assist takes seriously the responsibility to make interactions count.


Assist Marketing is well-versed on some of the nuances that go along with technology clients and events. Clients don’t solely need enthusiastic brand ambassadors; they require educated, sometimes highly-trained, individuals who can knowledgeably speak about products and brands.

technology event staffing
tradeshow event staffing

Trade Show

The Assist Marketing team understands the long hours and days that go hand-in-hand with trade shows. Assist Marketing offers clients experienced and professional staff who approach trade shows with same enthusiasm and fervor as a brand’s internal representatives.


Mobile marketing tours require a lot of planning and preparing for the expected – and the unexpected. Assist Marketing has a strong team of road warriors who have played various roles for tours, including: tour managers and coordinators, CDL drivers, emcees and local brand ambassadors.
tour models
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